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After I heard the song “Paradise” I impress on it. Her vocalist voice was remind me to Meg and Dia, International band from Utah. So she got a international voice, and it became an advantage to this band . My suggestion is, keep her as longer as you can! This Sabahan band was started in 2009 at KK by Aldo as bass, Gary and Mark as Guitar.  Aldo then invited his younger sister Jodie to became a voc for this band and Hilarry on drums. At early stage they already create a few songs but got some problem and its make they cannot proceed their song. Aldo then took on the guitar role and wrote several songs for the band . Paradise was the 1st song that he ever wrote for Xinxerena . Aldo and Jodie then took part in open mic competitions and won on 1 occasion covering songs from Paramore by acoustic . Then they called back Gary into the band and after some auditions , Rojan (bass) and Dony (drums) join in.

We are taking our step one at a time , 1stly by releasing our singles and see how well it does. We hope to gather more listeners and fans …and maybe if fortunate enough we would get noticed by record labels or producers . And we also hope for those who like our single ‘Paradise’ , please help us spread our music by sharing it to your friends and families …


They main influence are come from band like Foo Fighters, Fireflight, Versaemrge, Flyleaf , Paramore and more. So from this influence I know that they genre must be alternative rock. They also listen to other genres such as pop punks, progressive metal and jazz. They were try to be sincere on they approach in music, that it to make music that they like first rather than just to please everyone else. Because of that, Xinxerena name is took from word sincerely. And for them, sincerely is the key for everything they do.

Right now they just only release one single “Paradise”, and  now they in progress recording several other songs and planning on releasing an EP in July 2011. The single “Paradise” will be included in the Sabah Indie Compilation 2011 in malay version titled ‘Bersama’ which is produced by KK Music Production, a company co-owned by Rodie of the band Sofaz . Talking about this song “Paradise”, it was wrote by Aldo, as we know this is a first song that Aldo create. This song is about separation, what is best to say when u are going off a relationship. It’s basically saying that “you and me have a great relationship ..and this is our destination . But for you to wanna leave , u must be off to a better destination ..your paradise just go and never look back .”It’s like being mature in thought of a failed relationship.

Just like any other band, them can’t run from having a little technical problem which when they have a bad sound system. It happen at The Youthprep Voice  Out 2010 back in October at Borneo went they do a cover of Kotak’s Masih Cinta and Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick. But even though they got a bad sound system, they really had a great time and also grabbed attention from quite a few audience  and some of them become they great fans until today.

For upcoming gig they will be featured in The Sabah Indie Bands Music Fest 2011 on 30th April at Razzmatazz club Kota Kinabalu. They will perform along 12 others band which is all local Sabahan. The Ariez and The Frontman Company will join this gig too.


Line up
Jodie – Vocal
Aldo – 1st Guitar
Gary – 2nd Guitar
Rojan – Bass
Dony – Drums

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