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Looked at my window and started to think
It’s an unfairground that i’ve been living
Rich stand proud and live happily
While poor still struggling for money

Some work from morn’ till night
What they receive are just ain’t right
Rich old bastards just havin’ a laugh
Seeing some people hard to survive


It’s so hard to feed wives and kids
When the pay are just enough for one to eat
Ain’t no school for the kids
No good jobs for the one who ain’t fit

Rich old bastards still havin’ a laugh
Ain’t got no problem lives ain’t tough
Giving the pay that ain’t enough
While saying it’s more than to survive.


One Comment on "Unfairground-A.C.A.B"

  1. joker jay-bee on

    this song is full of energy…

    acab rocks..

    rich old bastard!