8 Comments on "The Official – JB Riot"

  1. sompet on

    my saturdays heroes… sega saga!!

  2. sunny on

    we shall meet again…sega saga!!!

  3. JOKER on

    x de lyrics ke

  4. joe skins on

    riot riot jb riot, our plece never quiet.,everyday there news to hear..jb bois are worrier ….nih jer yg aq dapat …..

  5. jat on

    in the night, the scene are tight
    All the boys are ready for a fight
    In the town they gathered around
    Cousing lots of noisy sound
    Cops are coming, cops are chasing
    J.B boys are still fighting
    On the streets, stay all night
    J.B boys are unite
    J.B Riot Oi!
    Live forever
    Lots of violence happens here
    Don’t you dare interfere
    Every night is a chaos night
    Everyday is full of fight
    Riot, Riot, J.B Riot
    Our place never quiet
    Everyday there’s news to hear
    J.B boys are warriors

  6. RNRMy on

    Oi! Oi!

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