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We are a bunch of musicians trying to express our own feelings into our music. The 5 of us got together around Feb 2008 started this crazy idea of having a band coz we love music so much. It all started when Anis show some of her ideas to Zul on a CD. Zul thinks they sounded really good and he went around and told his friends (Apple, Azam & Umar) about this. Then 1 day, they all sit in a room and start talking about music. Hearing themselves sharing the same thoughts, they fell really close and think they could share more with each other. And that is when they talked about forming a band.


The name SUNDAE, came when we were looking for a short name that would symbolized us. Apple, her talent really shows went she was able to come up with the some chords and lyrics. The band was really amazed and they went to jam and worked on her ideas. Umar on the other side, was a really good gamelan player but somehow he got his way easily on any instrument too. The sound of violin and melodion really make us sounding more different in a musical way. Azam, is a very friendly person is really into percussion. With his touch, we got the groove. Music made us feel really comfortable and we would like to share this emotion with all the people.

I fell for it lyrics ( Credit To MERCY )

angry i have been
how could you lie to me and spin such a story
what kind of human are you
you make me want to throw up

for the first time i loved
but it was all just a bleeding lie
what is in your mind?

i am completely over you
you and all of your lies

i’d scratch your car if you had one
even burn your house if you had one
soaked up everything like a sponge and you adapted to me heart
dreamed of all the different ways you could painfully and slowly die

i am not going to lie
i think of you all the time
you have scarred me for life
i shouldn’t have talked to you for hours last night
you and all of your lies


it killed me to see you again
i die a little more each day

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4 Comments on "Sundae"

  1. betty on

    halo geng style la korang ambik gambo..mmg clasic.lagu pun best.weh kalu kita invite gig kt penang korang nak minta brp???

  2. aiman on

    gempak kowt

  3. sahar on

    best la lagu

  4. tASchA_93 on

    K0Wg MMg BEsH..SuNDaE rAwX!!