Rock The World 2010

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Rock The World is a successful yearly event formed by Fat Boys Records to introduce and provide platform for new and established talents. Every year, 15,000 – 20,000 rock music enthusiasts crowd the concert to support their local heroes. This year, Rock The World is back again with a celebrative mood as it celebrates its 10th year anniversary! Event starts from 10am til late so don’t miss out to celebrate Rock The World’s 10th birthday with a rockin’ big bang! –

Date: 26 Dec 2010, 10.00 am
Venue: Car Park ‘A’, Bukit Jalil Stadium
Ticket : RM30
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“Support Our Local Acts”


5 Comments on "Rock The World 2010"

  1. suffer8zine on

    mesti pergi!

  2. Nazmie on

    yahoooo… akn g nye r…..

  3. ali9 on

    mana nama2 besar yg lain?da lupa di mana mereka bermula?

  4. px on

    the times ade x??!!!

  5. marcello on

    mnbe sam cfband(sam kuman)