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Formed in 2005, PAKU was put together by guitarist/songwriter, Riz (who had returned from the US after many years) and vocalist/songwriter, Wan (who was pursuing his Master’s degree at USM). The duo teamed up to formed Paku after deciding to rejuvenate the somewhat dying music scene in Penang. They invited Riz’s sister, Leena to play second guitar, Jewin to play bass and Alex to hit the drums. The quintet writes and performs songs in both Bahasa Malaysia and English (while focusing more on the former) and has gigged out a lot over the past 3 years. With different musical influences (Riz is a big fan of Slash, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Hendrix – more inclined towards American blues and 70s rock with Wan, a hardcore fanatic of the more British sound of Queen and Oasis), PAKU blended into a somewhat mixed up
genre of heavy riffs and melodic tunes (it all depends on how the listeners define them!) and songs such as “Bila Kau Redha” ( a single taken from their “The 99 Club Sessions” EP) were featured on local radio stations such as XfreshFM and TraxxFM whilst the video for “Insomniac” was featured on HitzTV and NTV7.

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From February to March 2007, the band embarked on a 2 weeks tour around the UK, playing at various festivals and venue in Swansea and Cardiff (BBC Interview and live acoustic set on air) in Wales; Newcastle (one of their songs were played at the Newcastle Football Stadium) and Portsmouth in England; Belfast in Northern Ireland and Edinburgh in Scotland. The band was also able to record some live acoustic songs at Best Cellar Music Recording Studio while in Belfast, the very same studio Snow Patrol had recorded their very first demo many years ago.

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After a one year hiatus, PAKU came up with up with their self-titled debut EP with the song “Hanya Mencintaimu” was nominated in the Best Rock Song Category for Voize Independent Music Awards 2008 (VIMA 2008). Getting ready to be on the road again, PAKU has just formed a new PAKU fan club called PAKU.KOM (Paku Komuniti) with the objective of bringing the fans closer than ever to the band in which the fans have a say in the band with the motto “the band for everyone”. Expecting and hoping many up-and-coming indie bands to be a great success in the Malaysian music industry, PAKU is a band that just cannot wait to let the music burst and brings out the fun out of the listeners (remember the sweet memories of the 90s and when rock music created history!).

Self-titled EP PAKU (6 buah lagu) boleh didapati melalui
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  • Pesanan menerusi e-mail di atau pesanan melalui dengan harga RM7 termasuk penghantaran.
  • Bagi penduduk di Pulau Pinang, pihak kami boleh menghantarkan EP tersebut sekiranya berdekatan dengan harga RM5 (harga EP).
  • Boleh dibeli di Pelangi Studio (berdepan dengan pintu masuk USM Sungai Dua di Pulau Pinang, tingkat 3 atas Everbest Laundry) dengan harga RM5 (free sticker + badge).
  • Di gig-gig PAKU yang akan datang dengan harga RM5 (harga EP).

Untuk menyertai PAKU.KOM (Paku Komuniti), sila tinggalkan nama dan alamat e-mail anda di atau secara percuma dan nikmati kelebihan dan aktiviti-aktiviti dianjurkan oleh PAKU band serta berpeluang untuk muncul di dalam MTV lagu-lagu PAKU!


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  1. betty on

    hahahahaha………………..paku pakisssss….gua support u

  2. chal on

    Move fast a lil….
    gather your fan based in the local gig instead of keep on playing in the local bars…
    People in the bars will not vote for your song to be airplay in radio station… but people in the gig will…

    Neway, i will support you u talented paku…


  3. tASchA_93 on

    LUv PaKU BanD!!

  4. Adlemi on

    KeEp It Up Up PAKU !! 🙂

  5. kadok on

    islam ke kafir diorg ni…di org ni kaki minum ke….nampak cam arak jer yg diorg minum 2…

  6. breaking benjamin on

    2 orang tu bukan Islam…nama dah Jewin (bassist) dengan Alex (drummer). Budak Sabah dgn Sarawak.

    Tapi ada gelas kosong dgn straw tu….Coke lah rasanya pasal aku rasa tak pernah lagi aku tgk orang minum arak pakai straw. Mabuk karang hehehehe.