Oh ChentaKu-Starlight Stalker Lyrics

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When I’m gone away I hope you will be stronger
To live the rest of your life
Well don’t cry baby, don’t you cry for me
And I’m praying that you will find someone better
For all the consequences we’ve been into
And we’ve gone through I love you for being appreciative
And loving me with all your heart with all your mind
With all your beautiful soul, your beautiful soul
Your bright eyes told me everything that you wanted to say to me
I’ve got it! Don’t quit here, don’t put your head behind everyone
Please bring back all the sweet memories away from the cemetery
And leave the thoroughness behind
Loving you, it’s the best thing that I can ever remember
I swear to god! You’ve been the one that made my life more contented
I really couldn’t explain in words on how much I love You


3 Comments on "Oh ChentaKu-Starlight Stalker Lyrics"

  1. paan on

    lagu the lova-lova xde ke??

  2. mishaq on

    luv this song..

  3. faza96 on

    Ad x kord lagu ni….