Oh ChentaKu – Serenade lyrics

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Well I tried my preeminent to win your heart
Will you ever or never see me in your sight?
Don’t you let go, the finest cuddle in our lives,
The forgo that we’ve swallowed from first to lastContemplating every inch of your madness, lights of your sadness
How wreck was your painfulness
I know its hard being in your shoes, being who you are
Let’s turn these agonies to a dazzling jiffy right away
And make the day better as we’ve never been before
Don’t you ever feel jaded, baby?
For what he had done to you despondently
This is my last serenade for you
Don’t turn your back on me now and never
Don’t you leave me here alone!
I’m sorry I didn’t meant to yelled at you
It’s just that I’m worried that you will leave me again
We can make this happen, darling I promise you
You just have to believe in me and we’ll work things out
(Somehow, I know that you still love me)


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  1. tASchA93 on

    wELL..anWAy..akU stiLL sap0t kAm0..

  2. coklat_pink on

    wow great job oh chentaku…keep on going…this song is very best song…..good luck..