Narmi – Whirl

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Whirl Lyric

I’ve been staring at my screen
Thinking of you and all our dreams
My cheeks hurt from smiling
Could it be because your eyes – mesmerizing

And I don’t mind at all
Cuz I’m enjoying this free fall

Oh how you make me whirl, twist and turn and twirl
And when you bite ur lip girl, twist and turn and twirl
And when you smile, it carries on for miles
Oh girl, you drive me wild

In real-time we sing
In real-time we’re laughing
And you don’t miss a beat
Cuz you’ve got front row seats

I love the way you smell
Inhale, deep breath, i’m in your spell
I love the way you kiss
So soft and warm, deep in this bliss

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8 Comments on "Narmi – Whirl"

  1. nice on

    ah! lembutnya suara dia kalah pompuan…. hehe

  2. aYe_haRd^FaceR on

    gle la..
    sweet je suara..
    trlenrok gak kgkdang

  3. syakirah musa on

    lgu ni mmg ley wat awek cair….

  4. farhanny on

    what? boy ke ?

  5. suarapeople on

    girl kot

  6. farhanny on

    haha . baru taw dye boy n terus komen kt fanpage fb dye . haha
    jakun tol aku

  7. indie fans =D on

    cair lha dengar suare narmi nie !
    lembut sangat .
    kalah sore pumpuan xD

  8. on

    layan gak lagu ni