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NEW ACCOUNT!!!!!The journey start when 2 of original lineup [ak|d&K3]meet for 1st time on 2006.BANANG HEIGHT [Hostel] is da starting point for them.Nothing decide just play for fun.Be serious when they meet Che_GuGu that was k3 fren while play futsal at JENG FUTSAT AT PARIT BESAR BATU PAHAT,JOHOR.From there their relationship become strong like malik nor and The Rock!.Sit together drink milo ice and nasi lemak at MARIAM RESTAURANT.

Then they start talk about music mostly MALAYSIAN MUSIC.Their 1st try on May when they Jam together for the 1st time at JIMMY STUDIO AT SUMMIT BATU PAHAT,JOHOR.They with 3 lineup ak|d on Drum,Che_GuGu on Lead Guitar and K3 on Bass.They play other band song such as Really love u From The Sibling,Picagari by The Times etc.Then After 2 month they meet Leen which is officially on 2nd guitar position.No vocalist on that time.Singing by Che_GuGu.

Then they try to find Vocalist.Wanie with the song cela by Boneca has joined the band but just for the normal jamming.only 1 month they decide to find other Vocalist.after a few month they not active Bcoz of many fact.They come back with their 1st song Togheter and follow by Angle Of heaven.After a few month Leen decide to leave them.Then hey start wth 3 lineup again.One day ak|d got call.Incoming Call By Che_GuGu.They find new Drummer!!!WATAPAK!!That was ak|d position.

Then Che_GuGu give suggestion that ak|d Become MyLowDies Vocalist.With Full of love ak|d accept and bckup of god of love with a big Smile!!Woooohaaaa…!Payat will replace ak|d on Drum,and ak|d with masturbate with mic.nothing change for other position.Now they TOGETHER FOREVER and TIADA NOKTAH fo their relationship.On Free time Che_GuGu and K3 will bz with their ANGEL OF HEAVEN.ak|d and payat still dreaming about MELODRAMA INDAH DULU.Payat try to hide something.SIAPA DIA?.ask him laaa….adoi everything must tell u meh??Thanks For reading.Support us for Our Local Scene


Lirik Mummy

Mummy u birth i in earth
mummy u still on my side
mummy ur love will never end
mummy love u with full my heart

oh ibuku kau yang satu
tiada lagi perganti dirimu
tak berani aku tanpa kamu
menangis aku tanpa dirimu

never been replace on my heart
never been replace on my mind
never been replace on my side
never been replace i love u mummy wo!

kata kamu satu hari
akan ku tinggalkan dirimu
berlalu ku dengan melangkah
melangkah ke dunia dewasa

Dear Mummy don’t worry
i wont forget the moment with u
i promise u give me sometime
will back with girlfriend just like u