Matematik- This is so OMG!!

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Matematik first video clip for a song called “This Is So OMG” video submission for the MTVAsia / AirAsiaRedTix RedAmp Aseans Best Band Contest.

Lyric: This Is So OMG!!

Its the day to remember
when the sky is crushing down..crushing down on me
could it be like getting worse
getting worse like i do
like glass we separate our voice

when i scared to death as i near you
this is so OMG
for your information dear this all the worse is going to end

as i can believe..i can believe

when everything in me,were gone,this is so OMG
till the time i dream to chase you
cause in your eyes
there’s something that would caught my heart

just like im on crystal meth
the pain is so much brilliant,

in your eyes, there’s something i believe in,its on your beautiful (2X)