Laman Web Pop Shuvit Telah Di Godam (Hacked)

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Patut pon aku rasa pelik jer bila bukak aku ingatkan domain mereka expired ker ape tp something bad happen. Website mereka telah di hack oleh hackers Jerman. Daripada blog myspace pop shuvit

For those who have noticed, our website got hacked and domain names stolen by some pirate hackers from Germany. This is NOT a joke. Not only that, they are demanding that we pay them US$750 ransom to have the domain back… All Rudy’s hard work gone to waste because of some moronic arses … However, we’ve setup this temporary web for u guys so please pay us a visit and drop us comment. Meanwhile, Myspace is going to be our mainstay for the time being. Keep visiting us, put Pop Shuvit in your Top Friends List, subscribe to our blog and keep yourselves updated with the activities of the band.

Sekarang ni aku tengok masih lagi belum di recover balik. Ape yang aku lihat semuanya sponsor listing yang matching keyword popshuvit. Kalau sape sape yang main skate dia thu kot ape pop shuvit .


7 Comments on "Laman Web Pop Shuvit Telah Di Godam (Hacked)"

  1. KNizam on

    mak aihhh sampai camtu sekali ek

  2. shaxx on

    lanun di mana mana….

  3. Aj on

    nice work ..hheheh but stupid

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  5. Pop Shuvit on

    Ya betul, domain lama kita kena hack.. jadi kita kena tunggu expire dulu. Buat sementara waktu, inilah website kami

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  6. malaysia web design on

    ye la sampai macam tu sekali

  7. zylinmarcello on