Jason Lo – Sleepy Head MTV lyrics and video

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Yet again we crucify,
we build it up and let it die
We bomb Japan because we can
Just so our sons and daughters have a better life
Millenium has come and gone but it’s the same
I take the blame in joining you in doing absolutely nothing
The world goes round another time
No, you can’t stop it but you can change your mind

Love everybody

So here we are, the morning after 9/11
It’s a shame so many people never lived
But then again who really does?
You do your tax and pay your bills and watch
The war to get your thrills on CNN
And just pretend that this is not your fault again
I realize you make amends by being good to all your friends
But in the end there’s only you
And he will judge you too

Love everybody
Wake up sleepy head

So once again I’m telling you that this is it
Now’s your time when you look back and realize
You have a chance to be alive
Forget it all, drop the ball, let the critics see you fall
You choose yourself and no one else can
Ever tell you what you are
The worlds goes round another time
You could get lost or left behind
But in the end there’s only you and he will judge you too

Love Everybody