Free Love-Indie Rock Darling Lyrics

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There was a time soft and tender
I could feel the earth below
When its slowly turned, I found myself alone
So will you whisper when love is leaving you?

Where have you been my Indie Rock Darling?
Where’s the drugs of your smile?
Do you have seen my Indie Rock Darling?
Don’t you know it’s hurt to be alone?


6 Comments on "Free Love-Indie Rock Darling Lyrics"

  1. ELLy.x.shenget on

    luv dis song!

  2. zeyra on

    sedap meyh..!

  3. tASchA_93 on

    free love rawk..

  4. weloveindie on

    kiut Lorh bear tuh

  5. pencintaFREELOVE on

    smart r jay..IDOP KG.SERDANG PERMAI!!!!!!!!!

  6. bjohn on

    mnat gler lgu ni,, lyan gler,,