Force Vomit-My Number One

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Eating my salad days
Waiting for the sun
The sun, I know you’re the one

The skies look kind of gray
They used to be blue
So blue, reminds me of you

Are You
My number one?

So I went to the store
Buy myself some glue
To patch a hole that reeks of you

Now I am walking fine
Smile at everyone
Goodbye, goodbye number one, number one

Do you believe in binaries?
Do you believe in anarchy?
Do you believe in sympathy?
Do you believe in sympathy?

Are you the one I’m waiting for?
Are you the one who’s crying nitely on my stereo?
Are you the one who’ll rise from ashes of a discko?

Credit To CHENO


6 Comments on "Force Vomit-My Number One"

  1. toklong sonen on

    x than den nengok kome nari2…tp bg den lgu ni mmang sodap

  2. toklong sonen on

    mau lyan lar lgu nih!!bes bes!

  3. rEd kEntAng on

    au suke tgk f.v nye vid coz dorg ni gile2 ar..caya ar…enjoy!!

  4. wan on

    force vomit, i always waiting for ur new gig..

  5. shuhai on

    lagu lyan juga [are you my number one]

  6. leo on

    terbaek dari ladang habaq ang