Estrella-Take It Slow

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Credit to goatfilmsproductions and Estrella

i will keep you waiting
until you say something
baby dont be hating
i’m just doin my thing

no no no no,
can u fill me in.

can i get get your number
i will be your shelter
through the rain or thunder
break your heart i’ll never

love i’ll promise you forever.

c/o maybe we can take it slow
i could show you what you’ve been waiting for

Sinking in each other
we will be together lacing up my fingers
saving all my kisses for you,
baby you’re all that i need and it’s got me thinking..

repeat c/o


5 Comments on "Estrella-Take It Slow"

  1. fang splitter on

    hm…lagu best gila….suara liyana relaxing..
    tapi video kurang memuaskan la..

  2. coc on

    This is my favorite song but I don’t like the MV with that small box and the storyline are not clear and stuck somewhere.

  3. [jiWa sEmpOi] on

    sempoi babe…luv this song

  4. ting_tong on

    best lagu ni..liyana cute la hehe

  5. mynaru-mynanako on

    kak liyana sempoi jew tym jmpe kat bustand larkin,jb… hak2