Couple-Say Hi Guitar Chord

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g                   em
I’ve never fell for anyone
am               d
I never needed to
g                       em
But sometimes I just find myself
am                          d
In need of someone like you
gm                               em
So how should I go up to you?
am                            d
And tell you that I needed you
g                         em,
I think I have to help myself
am          d
Or else I’d be a fool
g                        em
But seeing you with someone else
am              d
Just breaks my heart in two


3 Comments on "Couple-Say Hi Guitar Chord"

  1. sara_alidrous on

    say hi 2 evryone around u..!couple,i luv diz song damn mux!

  2. safwan on

    ya…lagu ney best giler ar…

  3. tHeMaSa on

    pErGhhH … SmUa lGu kMu aQ suKa … bEz gileR lAh … kNak2 mUziK2 nyA yG mANtap … huHu