BlastBuzz!! Kiss The Fallen, Ladybird and Street Boundaries

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This is 3 band with 3 different genre hope u guys like it…. enjoy


Info Kiss The Fallen
Hey all, we’re ‘Kiss The Fallen’,previously known as ‘My Mourning Morning’,formed in the middle of 2007. The name ‘Kiss the Fallen’ means accepting those who are rejected, outcast and abandoned as we were. We are young..loud..dramatic..sarcastic and aspiring. KTF began when Wan, Eddy, Jlod and Sarah met at UiTM Malacca. We started jamming together out of boredom and to fill our free time. Covering songs from the likes of Underoath, Caliban & As I Lay Dying, we eventually got more serious and decided to start writing our own songs. However, we were still without a vocalist. So, Wan suggested his childhood friend Ejat to join the band. Hence, KTF was complete and there has not been a line up change since. Currently,we’re so interested in making deathcore/deathmetal sound like All Shall Perish, From The Shallows, As Blood Runs Black, Annotations Of An Autopsy etc. Only God knows what we’ll do next…

Metal / Hardcore / Experimental

Line Up
Sarah aka Guitar n vox
Wan aka Lead Guitar
Ejat aka Scream n Growl
Eddy aka Drum
J-lod aka Bass

for any info, gig/event:
Eddy (0176869194)
Wan (0176770305)


Info LadyBird
cEritA berMulA daRi 4 orAng saHabAt yAng tErjumPa di aSraMa sEbuaH sEkolaH dalam lingkungAn 13 taHun..4 oraNg kalIan itu iaLah wanzamEt,acaB,kobaIn n paN..mereka ini mempunyaI pengArUh mUzIk yanG SAMA..seLepas 2 taHun kemUdIAn merEka sTArt jAmming..maka bErbunYilaH cHoRd-cHorD sUmbaNg..WHY??? beCaUse sesEtengaH linE Up merEka baRu belajaR maIn alaT bErtaLi..haaahhaa..TAHAP ar..!!dipeNdekan ceRita..selepas meReka PUAS maIn laGu- lagu orang..terlintaS dihaTi vocaLis mereKA iaitu waNzaMet menGAjaK linE up mEreKA unTuk mEncIpTa bunyIan mUzIk sendIrI..ciPtaaN lagu-laGu merEka memAkaN maSa hamPIr 3 tahUn..KENAPA & MENGAPA???? seBab merEka masIh beLaJar,,mEncIpTa laGu iTu hanYalaH masA lapanG mErEka taNpa ada paksaAn..seLepaS bebErapa tahUn & taHun iNi dengan jatuhnYA taRikh 18 MARCH 2009 kami berJaYa meRekOd 3 laGu sEbagaI DEMO…simplE ja mUzIk-mUzIk merEka..peLbaGAi sUka & dUka seRta peNgalAman merEka d’cOmBinEdkAn daLam laGu mEreKa..aKhiR kata daRi kaMI,haRap mEreKA yaNg sInggaH dI pAge kaMI seMoga terhIbUr dengan bunYian- bunYian THIS LADYBIRD…kamI sedIa mendENgaR kRitikaN kalIan…BE SMART TODAY…


Line up
Wan Met aka guitar n vox
Acap aka sec guitar n vox
Cobain aka bassist
Pan aka drummer

for any info, gig/event:


Info Street Boundries
Unleashed from SILVER STATE a.ka. Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia, We started in the late of December 2005,We began to formed a new band just for our scene, KUALA KANGSAR ROYALTOWN SKINHEAD CREW, KUALA KANGSAR DISORDER PUNKS & ROYALTOWN INDEPENDENT MUSIC MOVEMENT! & for the love to the music! nothing more, nothing less. We are an ANTI-FASCIST band and we don’t believe in any kind form of racist and fasict! STREET BOUNDARIES is Emi as Vocal, Bally as Guitarist, Buyah on 2nd Guitar, Fahmie on Bass and Saleh on Drums! After couple of gigs, Fahmie had to leave Street Boundaries ’cause commitment on his work. After a while, Ejan is invited to be a part of Street Boundaries also as a Vocal. Now Street Boundaries have 2 Vocals & we have playin’ gigs for quite several times.After a few years, Saleh has quit from our band because of personal problems and his position has been placed by our new drummer, Pley. Pley make his appearence with us only twice at MOSH vs POGO Dec 2008 and Oi! The Eastern Shout Feb 2009. He’s …… click here for more info

Punk / Hardcore / Rock

Line Up
Emi aka Vox
Ejan aka Vox
Bally aka Guitar
Buyah aka Sec Guitar
Arp aka Drum
Momok aka Bassist

for any info, gig/event contact:
+6017-589 9404
+6012-566 3659
Email :