Lirik Racial Hatred – ACAB

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Racial hatred everywhere
Lives are threatened and live in fear
Some people just don’t care
See destruction and despair

Don’t you know you’re just the same
You’re living in the same game
There is nothing to judge by the color
And nothing to win by hating each other
Still it happen in our world today
Racist bastards still having a say
Why can’t we live in unity?

One nation with pride and dignity
Are there to judge by the colour?
Are there to win by hating each other?
There’s a cause, a cause to fight
If it’s fighting racism then we must unite!


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  1. jusuh on

    asal lyric laen nie???

    nie bukan lyric Racial Hatred 1 kew???

  2. jusuh on

    Don’t matter if you black or white,
    that’s not the colour make it right…
    Don’t matter if you yellow or brown,
    that’s not the colour should put your down,

    unite it is the thing to be…
    think how strong that we can be..
    street together see this truth,
    the straight will be with me and you.

    semart giler lirik dier…

    memang penuh makne ar…

  3. shah on

    ni campur rrrr….. racial hatred 1 ngan 11 laen…. tau ke x ni … x tau jgn r memandai….