Lirik Hard Journey- 679

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Title: Hard Journey

Band: 679

25 may 06, Tom found the special girl
She always smile to Him
Now he was falling in love
She’s a good person heard from their friends
Hope that girl will be his girlfriend
She is Jane when he asked her name
She spent time and sharing whatever she find
Many times, when he was so sad
A Message made him smile

Kindness in words
Creates confidence
Kindness in thinking
Creates profoundness
The couple is one mind in two bodies
Remember I’m always here to listen to you
But I’m thinking I’m alone

Open your heart
Give the best
Some have a hard journey to find a good girlfriend
So..I really need friends
Send your smiles and your jokes
Listen to your heart
Easy to start and hard to finish
Be honest and trustworthy
Love is never fair

Six months later
He feels something missing
Jane explains what she’s feeling to
She said she doesn’t sense it anymore
So sad and Tom like a dull