Lirik All This Shit- 679

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Title: All This Shit
Band: 679

Now, this world is a place full of actors
Pride is lost in case there are somethings wrong
There are so many things to learn
Yet no one realizes and just keeps to themselves
Forget all about our dreams
And it’s time to think deeply in our minds
Now freedom is no more in existence
Recall what has happened after September 11th
Terrorists are the so called cause to lunch a fucking military
Iraq is in bedlam, rained with bombs and explosions
Hey dude it’s time to wake up and get into the politics
Bush you’re acting like a devilish crook
The United Nation are just like your petty toy dolls
You can touch, can play, anytime you want, you even point it to a direction
I hate everything about this and I waiting for it to end
For you to lose what you had won
All this shit