Lirik Lagu I’m Free (Yeah) -Amanda Imani

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(VERSE 1)From that very moment,I had a vision in my mind,For us to part and to say our goodbyes..It was then that I knew,It was something I had to do,Trusted my heart and courage to see me through.. (BRIDGE)And I have myself to thank for doing what’s right,After all the fights,Along the way many tears […]

Lirik Lagu I Won’t Be Missing You-Amanda Imani

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I Won’t Be Missing You Lyrics-Amanda Imani All of this while you’ve been the one who’s held me back,From doing things that I should have and wanted so bad,Although it’s over,You won’t ever see me sad..I have accepted the fact, yeah it was for the best,The good, the bad and what we will never have,It […]

Suka No. 23 – You (Stranger In The Night) Lyrics

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Suka No. 23 – You (Stranger In The Night) Lyrics You, you make me smile, You make me laugh, You shared all your life, Shared it oh all your soul, Never let me down, Never leave me alone, Stranger in the night…. With no moon, no star…. You,you brought me lights you bright my life […]

Predicate Not Defined- Fear, Forgotten and Regret

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Quick info about Predicate Not Defined. Predicate Not Defined first established in 2001 with Azmi as vocal and guitar, Amy as drum and bass as the Ritz. and focus on metal music. First successful performances at Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Penang, Ipoh and Terengganu. Then they released their first demo(Beginning) containing 4 experimental songs in 2002. […]

Lirik Pesawat – Excuse Me

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Excuse Me Lyrics by Jipie Music by Pesawat I don’t know what you want… But I would never give up for you… Do you know what I want? That I would never wanna give you an excuse… It seems so easy.. Yet pleasing… You heard what I’ve said… Maybe its never too late… But […]

The Bourjuis – dame

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Another The Bourjuis song titled “Dame” with lyrics

A New Fall – Breathe These Lies Lyrics

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A New Fall Breathe These Lies Lyrics

Nitrus-Colder Lyrics

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Breathe a lie dream away Thought I found it

Love Me Butch-Bliss

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Bliss – Love Me Butch lyrics I’m no sinner, will you stop that

Butterfingers-Fo Lyrics

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Songs :Butterfingers-Fo Lyrics Album : 1.2 Miligrams

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