Bunkface-Fine Lyrics

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FINE ! why is it everytime i try it always comes back as a lie

Predicate Not Defined- Fear, Forgotten and Regret

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Quick info about Predicate Not Defined. Predicate Not Defined first established in 2001 with Azmi as vocal and guitar, Amy as drum and bass as the Ritz. and focus on metal music. First successful performances at Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Penang, Ipoh and Terengganu. Then they released their first demo(Beginning) containing 4 experimental songs in 2002. […]

Couple-Gonna Getchoo Lyrics

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Album: Teenage Disc Fantastic Music & Lyrics : Aidil Girl, you’re on my mind So fine, I’m gonna getchoo Love you all the time That’s why i’m gonna getchoo Yeah… I’m gonna make you mine # On my mind (baby, baby on my mind) I just can’t forget you girl (forget, forget) All the time […]

Bunkface First (1st) EP Lesson Of The Season Lyrics

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Tired Mission

Oh ChentaKu – Serenade lyrics

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Submit By palala Well I tried my preeminent to win your heart

Oh Chentaku The Farewell of Summer Romance (Bedroom Session) Lyrics

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We’re dying for the night;

Lirik Pesawat – Excuse Me

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Excuse Me Lyrics by Jipie Music by Pesawat I don’t know what you want… But I would never give up for you… Do you know what I want? That I would never wanna give you an excuse… It seems so easy.. Yet ..so pleasing… You heard what I’ve said… Maybe its never too late… But […]

Rain Bows

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About Rain Bows Was formed in early 2002 with original line up Hamzee, Arif and Reza. Ejam joined them late 2002. The band was named Epix before it change to Rain-Bows in 2008. Because of some problems, their female vocalist decided to go out from Epix. The search for a new vocalist ended after they […]

Malayapark.com Top 10

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Dibawah adalah list lagu serta lirik pilihan top 10 pelawat Malayapark.com Top 10 Most View Bunkface-Situasi Yuna-Dan Sebenarnya Estrella-Stay lyrics Hujan – Dugaannya Bunkface-Highschool Rocker Bunkface-Revolusi The Divine Masters – Disampingmu Bunkface-Silly Lily Mawar Khayalan by Laila’s Lounge Bunkface-Fine Top 10 Most Rated Lonely Soldier Boy / Mospeada – Hujan Hujan – Luka Mana Hujan-Lonely […]

Yuna – Rocket

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You’re like a rocket in my mind

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