You’re So Fine-Guba Ft Yuna

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It feels like December The birds flew across my bedroom window And the spiral staircase That we used to hang around ’til 3 in the afternoon I remember that day The purple hoodie that you’re wearing And the smile up on your face Your hair was flowing in the air As you were sitting by […]

Lirik Pesawat – Excuse Me

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Excuse Me Lyrics by Jipie Music by Pesawat I don’t know what you want… But I would never give up for you… Do you know what I want? That I would never wanna give you an excuse… It seems so easy.. Yet pleasing… You heard what I’ve said… Maybe its never too late… But […]

Lirik Lagu Couple – Rock & Roll

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Lyrics for “rock n roll” Rock n roll, rock n roll In my heart and in my soul Doing fine, that’s the line Even if I’m old Rock n roll, rock n roll Kick some ass before I’m old No surprise, we’ll get by Even if I’m cold You’re watching me, watching me rock n […]

3rd Dice

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Each day that I’m away from you I feel so weak inside I hope that god will give me strength To get me through the day Sepotong lirik New Hope by 3dr Dice. Music memang agak slow and jiwang2 ja but still bley layan. Boleh dikatakan lagu New Hope ni my first choice antara lagu2 […]

Diary of love…..haha

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Dear DIARY, I hope everything gonna be fine, my lovely boyfriend just leave me alone… huik!! Ni bukan diary yg tut tut tuh yaaa…diary ini adalah sebuah band. Ya sebuah band. Sebenarnya kan aku heran dan pelik sebab bukan ker sudah ada beberapa band yang menggunakan nama diary nih. Juz tambah depan n blakang jer. […] Top 10

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Dibawah adalah list lagu serta lirik pilihan top 10 pelawat Top 10 Most View Bunkface-Situasi Yuna-Dan Sebenarnya Estrella-Stay lyrics Hujan – Dugaannya Bunkface-Highschool Rocker Bunkface-Revolusi The Divine Masters – Disampingmu Bunkface-Silly Lily Mawar Khayalan by Laila’s Lounge Bunkface-Fine Top 10 Most Rated Lonely Soldier Boy / Mospeada – Hujan Hujan – Luka Mana Hujan-Lonely […]

Bunkface First (1st) EP Lesson Of The Season Lyrics

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Tired Mission


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Tired Mission Silly Lily Highschool Rocker Fine Land Of Hope Last Minute New Songs Bunkface Anthem Situasi Hyper Killer Bunkface-Revolusi Kord Gitar Bunkface Silly Lily Guitar Chord Kord Gitar Bunkface-Situasi