Bunkface-Fine Lyrics

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FINE ! why is it everytime i try it always comes back as a lie

Kord Gitar Soldier – Bunkface

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Soldier(BUNKFACE) Tabbed by ‘AkuAthir’ Any comment, juz post on: mathbuster93@yahoo.com(facebook) Bm/F#m(2x) Bm F#m Bm A You are the soldier, a rising sun.. Wait for the heyday look far away… G D A And believing yourself your name on the shelf, a legend… Bm F#m Bm A You are the soldier the chosen one, bring back […]

Bunkface First (1st) EP Lesson Of The Season Lyrics

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Tired Mission


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Tired Mission Silly Lily Highschool Rocker Fine Land Of Hope Last Minute New Songs Bunkface Anthem Situasi Hyper Killer Bunkface-Revolusi Kord Gitar Bunkface Silly Lily Guitar Chord Kord Gitar Bunkface-Situasi

Malayapark.com Top 10

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Dibawah adalah list lagu serta lirik pilihan top 10 pelawat Malayapark.com Top 10 Most View Bunkface-Situasi Yuna-Dan Sebenarnya Estrella-Stay lyrics Hujan – Dugaannya Bunkface-Highschool Rocker Bunkface-Revolusi The Divine Masters – Disampingmu Bunkface-Silly Lily Mawar Khayalan by Laila’s Lounge Bunkface-Fine Top 10 Most Rated Lonely Soldier Boy / Mospeada – Hujan Hujan – Luka Mana Hujan-Lonely […]