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ahhhhhhh….i couldn’t remember that day…but I believe it’s the year of 2002…I was in form 4 n it was the year where nirvana’s unreleased song ‘you know you’re right’ were made to public after a fight between x-members of nirvana n Courtney love…nway like I did ever care bout them….ive always sick of Courtney love’s attitude even though I’m such a big fan of her band’s, Hole…haha


At that moment..the phenomenal of seattlesound, or so called-grunge had exploded back after its almost faded away late -90’s…yeah… likewise hip-hop and every other genre that were manipulated by the global music industry, grunge are on its rotation to get back to the top,,…the phrase of ‘grunge is dead’ were truly wrong..its proven by our local scene itself…bsepah budak2 nak main grunge…setiawangsa’s scene changed to seattle-wangsa… setiawan to seattlewan…each n every scene want to associated with grunge…hahaha…each kids n teenagers wanted to show they are the truly the children of “gen-x” as mentioned by the eddie vedder(pearl jam) and there was me, a kid who believe in spirit to be different.
It’s not that seattlesound wasn’t my cup of tea, the truth is, im a big fan of pearl jam, alice in chains,hole,soundgarden, servent jamm, bloodymary, butterfinger,…bla bla bla..u named it, u got it. But, when the grunge phenomenal exploded back, I couldn’t help it to set free from my current state- of-musical taste, bcoz grunge had become trend likewise indie nowadays.

I need something new and refreshing..Something would cool down my rebellious attitude as u can see at the age of 16, the temptation n lust is something a teenager like me couldn’t resist.

My search for good music had never stop, ive been listening to a lot of kind of music direction…im lucky enough because my brother in law also a music lover and I would really like to thanks for all the stuff he’s been feeding me..heheh..thankz bro yus!! I owe u a bunch!!

Nway while im digging for new stuff, ive stumble upon with a genre that ive never heard…”space-rock”?Is it the kind of the soundtrack for the film star wars, star trek,battlestar galactic etc which involves some kind of special effects? Well, I believe in year 2002, there were not many people in Malaysia has heard bout this genre. Neither also post-rock.

It was Damn Dirty Apes(DDA), our local acts, first Malaysian band that introduces the genre of post rock/space rock/ambient in our local scene(CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG) and they came all the way from penang. The band name comes from the movie of Planet of the Apes, which a big part influences towards their identity of music, space rock. I couldn’t recall how I got their first EP in my hand, because they haven’t been introduces n reviewed yet by the local media, Rottw n Tone(RIP) at that time. However, im thankful enough I did as it was the best album for my playlist for that year and incoming years.

Once again, sorry that I couldn’t recall their full lineup name. However, for the recording of 1st EP n 2nd ep, it got three name that I notably remembered, which are pedram, sina(pedram’s brother)and a UK citizen,paul. I remembered reading an autobiography of how paul and pedram meet in a ship while going back to penang. Paul was holding a bag with a guitar in it and pedram approaches him, n it was coincidence that they shared the the same passion n favorite bands. That was the head start for DDA!

DDA as far as I concern had released 2 releases which are their first EP, valve state dreams and 2nd EP, Ape kill Ape. Both releases were my favorite of all time Ep of the local scene band. The genius guitar works and effects with creative structure of songs has been euphoria to my ears. Their music wasn’t meant to be listened through speaker. Only through headphones/earphones are the only way u could really manage to hear n feel all the ambient/experimental sound that being created by them.

Damn Dirty Apes @ Rock The World 7 – ewa bulan

1st Ep, valve state dreams, the Ep that I bought somewhere, featuring their all time favorite -hits “Charlie”, a tears grieving song with a suddenly burst of lights n hope.” Naninong”, which is one of my personal favorite, is a song that really makes us really high enough into outer space and join forces with intergalactic battles of Gundam with it suddenly noises.haha… while in” drifted away pt 1”, using mostly delay in most part of the song, whispering voices, makes u want to drift away into different whole dimension of life.

Their 2nd Ep has more technical details and been produced by themselves n Greg Henderson(mixing), local pro musician/bassist that been known for mainstream artist’s studio recording and his collaboration with butterfingers. Latest, he’s been covering the seat for Loque at the rock the world 8, played the guitar, while loque was away study in US.

Enough talk about the producer already, ape kill ape,features 10 track on it. The difference between this EP and the previous one is it is noisier and heavier at certain part of the song yet still keeps the same melodic sound of previous EP. Songs such as “adorable” ,“ rebel scum” (both are my personal favorites), “Billions of Blistering Blue Barnacle” shows a lot of guitar works in the beginning and things getting heavier in the middle with effects. If u wanted a song that would really makes u drifted away to another dimension again, then “in tents” is the song that would really make u float into the sky and reach that light of hope n despair. Damn! That song kills me each n every time I listen to it. N there is another song which called “dream” would really make u guys feel on the right spot of life where u feel u are ready to cross the lights n make it into the next world( mcm citer ghost whisperer.hehe). “wisdom” features a vocal from the front man of our local band ,blind tribe. With a little dub influence, made the track a lil bit out of space rock’s genre however it still can be consider as experimental.


After their 2nd Ep, the line-up changed and their concept of music changed too. Collaboration with a few members of blind tribe has made their music progress towards reggae/dub style. They haven’t yet released anything new however their experimental song can be seen in Rock The World 7, with song titled as “ewa bulan” and others, using a lot of percussion.

Till the day I wrote these, DDA has been a great influence towards my musical taste. Without them, I would never realized bout the genre of post-rock, space –rock and all the shoe gazing music. Maybe before them there are a few other bands in Malaysia played post-rock, however I would like to mention again that it was DDA that introduces me into these kinds of music. Overseas could have explosions in the sky, mogwai , mono, spiritualized, gospeed you!black emperor and other post-rockers, but im proud of DDA because of its originality and creativity and its made from our local neighborhood. hail to u guys!!!!

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7 Comments on "Review-Damm Dirty Apes"

  1. wickedsoul on

    i misss these post rockers..
    still playing music ka??

  2. mishaq on

    what should i say..amazing!!
    first time listen to this kind of music..
    good review mista..

  3. mista_jerk on

    hye guys n gals…
    thankz for the feedback…
    they still playing music…n sina is currently in australia DJ-ing over there with his project,mailer daemon.

    juz embedded the myspace player taken from their myspace.
    hail them n enjoy!!!!

  4. babymontel on

    hye mista… good review… even rottw pun tak leh buat mcam u buat… just want u to know.. i know well about them…they still playing and pratis… the probelem is… tak ramai yang tau pasal diorang… everytime they performs only their friends yg support diorang… well i one of them actuarlly…
    i was hoping that media try to concentrate on them… not just them orther bands too… specially bands from penang and kedah… ramai indie band dari utara yang berbakat and mostly they play originals.. to bad not many people know about this… now damm dirty apes stil playing only in studio… shows… kalau ader org panggilah… anyway u know pedram and paul rite… the vocalis is tamm from blind trib…drummer is bob and lie the base… bob now working at fuel club in aouto city juru… tam and lie is in kl… so tak selalu praktis… everybody is working and live far away… what ever it is they still keep in touch… i miss to see them on stage…

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  6. mista_jerk on

    phewww…ive neva know there is a comment from babymontel.
    hey babymontel.thanks for yr feedback.
    anyway my writings are not that good.its just dat Rottw suck!
    i believe there will be no magazine can match TONE(RIP). oh yeah.JUNK is good too.
    babymontel..yr comment do brighten up my day.sriusly.
    kids nowadays been feed up with a lot of they so-called ‘indie’ stuff till they dont really appreciate real music anymore.
    one day, when this ‘indie’ thingy fade out, these kids will turn out to new just like hip hop scene back on those days.n dats why i choose not write about music in malaysia no more.its just too tiresome to make people realise what is a ‘real music’ was sadistic.n i believe only true believer n true appreciation will stay forever.hail to u guys!

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