3 Comments on "One Buck Short-Ten O Four"

  1. mRs. EmUELdO on

    This is a story that we all can relate to!
    Not the part where he goes to the past trying
    to save his future by getting his parents to fall in love.
    It’s a story of love! Oh love!
    About a boy and a girl during their last nights of senior high.
    A night of remembrance, cherishing memories, to keep and not to let go
    It’s that night of enchantments under the sea and this is the story…

    They look so smashing
    He thought he’s dreaming
    Her dress is glittering fly
    The floor seemed silent
    The lights shined violet
    Don’t you let her go! Not even for a moment!
    All hail the queen, she’s the one for this summer.

    Don’t wake me up
    Earth angel, we’re dancing
    We’re doing all right girl, I’m dreaming tonight girl
    Don’t wake me up
    This is our love song

    She seemed so happy
    Don’t you worry
    He’s now way in control
    She’s bursting out joy as
    Marty starts playing
    Johnny B Good and the house is swinging
    They take their first kiss and dance the night away

  2. m0hamad syazwan on

    guitar chord ta ade kew. .

  3. m0hamad syazwan on

    guitar chord ta ade kew. .mcm mne nk cri huh?