Lirik Lagu I’m Free (Yeah) -Amanda Imani

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From that very moment,
I had a vision in my mind,
For us to part and to say our goodbyes..
It was then that I knew,
It was something I had to do,
Trusted my heart and courage to see me through..

And I have myself to thank for doing what’s right,
After all the fights,
Along the way many tears I’ve cried,
It was all in my mind..

It’s done, we’re through,
No more spoken words of you,
I tell myself it’s a lesson that I’m going through,
At last I’m free of the tears and heartbreak you caused me,
And honestly,
You never had me, oh baby..
Yeah, yeah..

You should know how it feels,
When you walked out on me,
To leave somebody without anything,
Now I finally realize,
Every time I look in your eyes,
All that shines through is the guilt and misery..


Isn’t it clear to see what you’ve done to me,
Wasn’t something I need,
The light you didn’t see and the person I’ll be,
The very best of me..

Composition: Ajai, Lyrics : Amanda Imani