Lirik Lagu I Won’t Be Missing You-Amanda Imani

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I Won’t Be Missing You Lyrics-Amanda Imani

All of this while you’ve been the one who’s held me back,
From doing things that I should have and wanted so bad,
Although it’s over,
You won’t ever see me sad..
I have accepted the fact, yeah it was for the best,
The good, the bad and what we will never have,
It took some time but, then it went by so fast..


Leaving the past behind,
I am now ready to move on and find someone,
Who will love me for me inside..
I won’t be missing you..

All that I know is,
I will be moving on,
Keeping it together,
Never ever gonna fall,
A voice of reason,
I’ll be my own wonder wall..

Some people say it was a blessing in disguise,
A part of living, we lived, we loved and then we left,
Your wasted words and all the secrets we have shared..


Lyrics: Amanda, Composition: Ajai