Lirik Lagu Couple Say Hi

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I’ve never fell for anyone
I never needed to
But sometimes I just find myself
In need of someone like you

So how should I go up to you?
And tell you that I needed you
I think I have to help myself
Or else I’d be a fool
But seeing you with someone else

Just breaks my heart in two
Say hi…


7 Comments on "Lirik Lagu Couple Say Hi"

  1. dead soul on

    full of meaning…it is real story?

  2. ghadis_mellow on

    i love dis song so much!!! cool lyrics n music too 🙂

  3. ainna on

    neyh lagi satu song yg aku tlmbt dgr..ruginye aku..

  4. cj7_grEen on

    lagu n videO
    eyH besr gLer!!!!

  5. pura on

    lagu ni la yang aku carik slame ni!!!!!!

  6. fira rpsian on

    besh gilaxx….

  7. syamila on