Lirik Lagu Couple – Rock & Roll

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Lyrics for “rock n roll”

Rock n roll, rock n roll
In my heart and in my soul
Doing fine, that’s the line
Even if I’m old

Rock n roll, rock n roll
Kick some ass before I’m old
No surprise, we’ll get by
Even if I’m cold

You’re watching me, watching me rock n roll


3 Comments on "Lirik Lagu Couple – Rock & Roll"

  1. mail1380 on

    sdp lh lgu ni

  2. busha on

    r0ck & r0ll..bez lgu ney..

  3. anis on

    kumpulan couple xdee email yahoo messengger kea????????
    aq mnat gler2 kat kumpulan engkau rong…………