[KLueTV Interview] – Yuna

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“Be brave and believe in what you have, what you do”

Credit to : /KLueTV


6 Comments on "[KLueTV Interview] – Yuna"

  1. pae1408 on

    nak sgt EP yuna..

  2. mie_basah on

    eh mcm mana nak download lagu…
    lagu yuna after midnight x de ke….

  3. mie_basah on

    nak pic yuna

  4. miemie on

    GO YuNa!!!
    best sangat….

  5. SyUe.. on

    Yuna oRg maNer eRk…SuAra yuNa beZ giLerz ar…meNgAsyiKkan…HuU~

  6. MyRoOl on

    yuna ROCKSSS!!!!!xkan indie hlang didunia..