Estrella will be going on tour to UK

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Our Malaysian local made band, estrella will be going to UK for a tour with others UK indie band. So cheers for them n hopfully they will capture the attention of the world towards our local scene.


Laguna Music is back!! Just this time its going to be bigger. Laguna Music and K.N.U.K.E is organizing a gig tour trough out UK in the end of March to early April.

This tour will highlight the Malaysian local indie band; ESTRELLA, UK local indie bands and also UK Malaysian students to perform in this event.

Support from fans,friends, families, media,corporate companies,government, Malaysian independent scene lovers and everyone out there is needed in order to make this event successful.


kudos for them n hopfully they will have a nice,safe n njoyable trip!!!!!
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9 Comments on "Estrella will be going on tour to UK"

  1. sean on

    I LOVE Estrella!
    Stay is awesome!
    Mellow acoustic!

  2. askemvanila on

    wahhh cayalah.
    go get them all.
    chayokk!! fight-oh!!

  3. izzat on

    dengar lagu dorang, ak dah jatuh “cinta”.. 😛

  4. zulaikha on

    yeah.gud lark estrella:D

  5. Yusrezal on

    lagu stay best bg lah kord guiter ya…….from kk sabah Leaking band…huhu

  6. Payeed on

    mner kod gitar nyer????cmner nk men klu x der kod…
    x kn nk bdal lak…
    rosak plak lgu ni nnty..(aku memang perosak lagu..huhu)

  7. filasafah on


  8. epul on

    u jdi dtg muar x?

  9. superlover on

    ble aq dngr lgu ni,ingt kt poli dlu n mmbe2 aq..bez lgu ni..