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Estrella-Stay lyrics

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Sounds straight from the twilight
Has me up all night I can’t
Fall asleep coz I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow, outside my window
And it’s you!

All my sorrows flew away,
Hush keep quiet hear me say
I don’t ever want you to go
Please stay

With the moonlight dancing free
And there’s no one but you and me
There’s no reason to go astray
Please stay

Making up a story
It’s the way you’re looking at me
If you think that this is funny
It’s just you

Try and think about it
If your heart is closed don’t lock it
Keep your keys back in your pocket, think this through

Repeat c/o

Credit to blackblackheartinblue


99 Comments on "Estrella-Stay lyrics"

  1. Bob90.. on

    gud jobs estrell..stay is nice song.. i olready buy your fuull album.. neeww sound of indie in malaysia,i guest.. liyana great vokal.. i love you.. haha.. keep your work guys!!!

  2. arwen on

    1st time i heard this song i really2 impress…i thought this band coming from US or somewhere but when i heard estrella band is original made in MALAYSIA well KUDOS to ya guys!!!!!

  3. blackblackheartinblue on

    lol~got few mistakes in d lyrics lowh~change em pls…

  4. joe on

    which line/s wrong?

  5. blackblackheartinblue on

    With the moonlight dancing free
    And there’s no one but you and me
    There’s no reason to go away <<shud b astray
    Please stay

    Try and think about it
    If your heart is closed don’t lock it
    Put your keys back in your pocket, think this through<< keep ur keys……

  6. blackblackheartinblue on

    cz i refer it to d lyrics in my cd lol~

  7. Daryl (Wrath) on

    stay is my new happy song!!!

  8. Alice on

    Finally,i found this lyric! it’s one of my favorite…good song makes me feel calm…hehe LOVE this band!!!

  9. Aeda on


    You’ve done a good job. I really love this song, heard in on my amp, thank God at last I manage to find the song.

  10. hidayahsham on

    love this song too~
    can’t stop playing it..hahaha~
    good job Estrella!

  11. qoim on

    i played it everyday..

  12. topiqstory on

    kite same2 indie….
    let go estrella….

  13. pza on

    wow..its great…
    da cute song..
    i like it!!

  14. QIARA on…like…like…dis SONG killer!!!!!
    like the vokalis sooooo….cool

  15. QIARA on

    STAY & TERNYATA perghhhh……
    sgt lah best!!!

  16. cool on

    bez gak arr lgu nie..
    cool siot..
    go ESTRELLA…….
    like gler dis sing ..

  17. annaa on

    i pun tak caya ini made in malaysia!!! Very good!

  18. aKu-s+epH on

    i LOVE thz band…
    u guys rock!!!

  19. zaty on

    good job estrella..i luv this song!!!

  20. zura sakura on

    my lil sista yg introduce dis band to me…..
    nk challenge my bittersweet la kn,,,
    cuz she knws how crazy i am bout bittersweet….

    but estrella?????
    they rox….!!!!!!!
    seriously 1st tym dgr cm sum rockbands frm overseas….
    gle best!!!!

  21. zura sakura on

    now i’m adding estrella to da list!!!

    meet uncle hussain
    i kill your boyfriend

  22. Rozlina Idrus on

    This song is for my Nain. Hugs and kisses.

  23. ralph666 on

    i hate this song a lot..
    coz..make me wunna suicide myself!!!
    actually…this song its really2 great..
    n i luv ya estrella

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  25. manh on

    haiii nak join kowang

  26. cc on

    this song rocks! i hope they play it more on radio station to support the local music industry! :)

  27. l_lynn on

    dis song really rock it!!first time i heard diz song i really thought it was international. then i found out it was estrella..its damn great..luv diz band!!!


  28. Mr. Blite on

    tetibe plak ak leh jatuh ati kat lagu2 cmnie… owh…. Brilliance work…!!! Congratulates…..

  29. notmuher on

    im glad coz i cn heard such a great song,
    n of coz it made by our MALAYSIANS..!!
    keep it on estrella..
    luv u all..

  30. mooney91 on

    solute!! to all of you make me hypnotize when i heard this song at the fist time..i can’t believe that you’re from Malaysia.i thought this song may from u.s or others..but when i saw the video clip,you’re awesome MALAY!!keep us amazed**

  31. afalifif on

    estrella keep on rockin!
    malaysia boley!

  32. khUDO on

    i like dis song..
    i neva tout dat dis is malaysia’s indie band..
    i proud of it..
    de songs n lyrics r cool..n… band r cool too…
    de video clips r ‘sempoi’..
    everythings seems so nice..
    gud job Estrella..

  33. flyz0 on

    perh..!!! /clap x100…bagus2..aku igt band us..tgk2 malaysia..haha..terbaik..!hkahkahk..

  34. miszroses on

    this is what we ( malaysian ) looking for…
    the great band as u all guys…
    same with me…first time i heard this song in radio i thought u guys from oversea also…until i’m watching ur video clip…and its goes WOW…is this true…i cant believe it…i wish u all success…keep it up okey…make more song like that…i’m sure u can challenge others…
    all the best kay…

  35. farhmiE on

    woo hoo..
    I can’t
    Fall asleep coz I keep thinking of
    liyana’s voice..
    it’s make me so cool and calm..
    no need to out for a holiday

  36. misya meyh:) on

    i lke this song..
    so cool n calm…
    i proud of it
    keep in touch yeahhh

  37. bamore on

    1st time I heard this song, just like others…thought this song made by some overseas band.
    But it’s a local band………so impressive
    and now, I already fall in love with you Liyana,
    for your great vocal & cute face, haha
    Keep it up guys

  38. akiss on

    sgt syok!

    repeat mode in my player!

  39. HAFIZ-| on

    this music is really great, this music alredy copy by legandary bands from UK like Eisley, Thelovegod, Regina Spektor..and so on ..
    i will not suprise if this band can be famous coz all people in UK its self are love this song..well i wish all the best to Estrella, and be proud as talented band in Malaysia.

  40. dell on

    estrella is very besh band! i pround wif u all!!
    liyana u r very cute n i leked ur style!!!!

  41. blind on

    hahaha…dude,dis song really soft than other..the vocal also great…1 time i hear it, i thought was an overseas band…it’s wrong…huhuhu…good job an d well done estrella…:D…hope i can hear another bestest song from this band coz now i’m really sick…:(….

  42. blabla on

    superb best lyric

  43. topo pursuer on

    da same goes to me..
    not US, juz m’sian..
    good job guys
    da lyric reminds me of ‘kiss me’ from sixpence none the richer

  44. ulalala. on

    i like this band and estrella,,
    i had play this song everyday..

    all my sorrow flew away..
    hush keep quiet hear me say………..

    please stay..
    love azizi…
    love estrella….

  45. Conan on

    Why I feel sleepy when I heard this song? So stupid

  46. baby32 on

    love it so much estrella…..n i proud of liyana..she is so talented and cute…cool..

  47. NANA KEW on

    akk kuh lyana..
    lap u la…
    lg stay mmg gmpak abes..

  48. miesha hafizi on

    i really like this song. my baby gave it to me..a nice song to listen to at nite. heehee..

  49. akumiya on

    Lagu nie amat3 best!!!!!

  50. Zoul Retro on

    best gile2 owh!

  51. shukjeff on

    hidup scene malaya…i don’t like indon band(mengarut)…

  52. NasZ o Are-Rul on

    lagu nie biaser jer..Erm..

  53. ajiez on

    i like all indea band song

  54. yanie on

    i love this song so much!!!!!
    it make my life cool..=p

  55. yanie on

    luv ya estrella.!!!

  56. miesha hafizi on

    i wanna sing this song on my wedding day..wanna ask my baby to play his guitar..hikhik…

  57. asriy on

    cun lowh band neyh…
    i likkezzz…

  58. kiko on

    mmg bez laa..

  59. semporna on

    the third voice i like it

  60. cemut_gula on

    aku suka lgu ni..

  61. cemut_gula on

    nice to listen..

  62. mia on


  63. nonok on

    best giler lagu ni……..i like……..

  64. sepet on

    nice!!! i really love this song..

  65. laila on

    u guys r sooo cool!!! yeayy~

  66. lily_cute on

    arie tuh aq ingtkan estrella ny indon band…
    rupe-rupenye local ekh…
    i really love this song…
    hope estrella dpt cipta lgu yg best2 msm ny lg…
    aq akn sntiase sokong estrella dr blakang…
    hope korang berjaya dlm bidang seni yg korang ceburi ny…

  67. baBy kIera on

    best gillaakkkkk..
    singer dye pon cumil…haha

  68. weena,, on

    pliz stay wif me,
    jez stay wif me,
    n i will t8 u 2 4eva land,pliz stay…

  69. yoko on

    estrella vocalist,liyana was so cute when i saw her at summer splash last year.hahaa.

  70. yukiE on

    lgu niE bEst beb….
    x jme dgoR…..
    chaiyuk2 aR….

  71. Sweet cr on

    I’m speachless!nothing that i can say for this song!it simple but so sweettt…luve it!

  72. alisha on

    estrella..i love your songs!!!!!
    all the best..

  73. kotkawelah on

    doh la lagu sedap,vokalis dio pn comel…..

  74. Luna on

    mmm malaysia ke singapore ni?

  75. Joe on

    @Luna ini adalh produk terungul dari malaysia

  76. yeh on

    i luuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvv itttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. yeh on

    aku suka take it sl0w…..

  78. sadizs on

    xcaye nie made in tanah melayu…hebat

  79. sayasayangsamakamu on

    aku mnt indie lar…
    btmbh mnt ngk kowng…

  80. lola on

    nice song.. keep up good song next time

  81. nudedoll on

    huhu..i love this i love my sweet heart..hahaha

  82. nadeeya on

    luv this song very much….
    lyric cool gler..
    best ar korang..
    do a great job..

  83. anna on

    i like this song…
    coz senang je nak ingt lirik dorg ni..
    so sweet lgu band estrella…
    caya la korg!!!
    so plisz STAY wif kitorg k…

  84. indie chentaku on

    gilerrh!!!!!wallaweyh!!!!! k0rang beshh aarrr!!!!
    estrella sweet……..pleasshhh stay wif meyyhh!!!

  85. gadis maniz_romantis on

    esterlla rox……. esterlla anymous!!!!!! @_@ korang indie!!!!!!!!lalalallalalala..!!! rand0m arr

  86. aku skandal on

    aku tbik korng smue…
    suport local act

  87. myra on


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  89. Nouren on

    Copy to arwen text…. good Luck Estrella… i’m very2 impress.

  90. Farez on

    ble estrella wujud

  91. Farez on

    lagu estrella sume nye smooth doe

  92. adeq_quza on

    indie jiwa aku<<<<< heheheheh………
    go estrella!!!!!!!

  93. adu on

    vocalist dia cun gila…hahaha

  94. syahmikaka on

    nice song

  95. pya oranje on

    layan bha lgu nih..

  96. chelll on

    i loveeee this songs!

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