Asna- In mylife

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Lirik: In My Life
Artis: Asna

there’s something in our heart
we shared the same feeling
we lived under one sky

we were meant to be together (together)
I wanna hold you in my arms forever
don’t wanna let you go

every night my soul cry out loud
I need someone in my life
thank god i found you
you lighten up my life


6 Comments on "Asna- In mylife"

  1. mishaq on

    comey gler lagu nie..


  2. primadona_rockasmara on

    cute gler vids neh…

  3. gummy_violet on

    acak lagu !!!!!!!!!!!!…

  4. padelkopak on

    mereka ini adik-beradik kah?pada raut wajah mereka ada persamaan!serius.

  5. miza on

    aah ,,dieorg adek bradek,,bpk dieorg name asna,,hehe

  6. Acena_Asna on

    Saya pon name asna…